July 29, 2009

Marcelo Pretto from Barbatuques

Marcelo Pretto , from Barbatuques, starts his ensemble with entertaining body percussion and move on to percussion instrument, 1:39, including 3 conga palyers, cow bell and pandeiro. African feel .

Maracatu rhythm starting at 1:00 . S imple but very effective . Follow up with a song. Vocal percussion helps the understanding of maracatu rhythm structure . Wonder if Marcelo Pretto has 5 octaves vocal range ?
. . . . . who is Roberto !?!?!? . . .

July 28, 2009

DJ Dolores and Orchestra Santa Massa - CATIMBÓ

Fusion with Brazilan folk musicians from the North-Eastern part of Brazil. Singer Isaar and the Orchestra Santa Massa.


Beatriz Azevedo - bum bum do poeta remix

Pop music

Sound start at 00:16. . Good " typing " percussion.

Poet, singer and composer Beatriz Azevedo is a Brazilian multi-artist. Graduated in Performing Arts, also studied at Mannes College of Music and at Jazz and Contemporary Music Program in New York. She won the "Bolsa Virtuose", grant from the Ministry of Culture of Brazil.


André Caccia Bava - Céu Inteiro

Solo & mellow acoustic guitar / vocal. Beautiful backdrop of hilly part of Sao Paulo.


July 27, 2009

Gal Costa - Santana

Expecting a moustachio and hairy Carlos Santana. It's pleasantly surprise with this very elegant veteran singer back by a very fine group of Brazilian musicians.


Marcia Castro - Vergonha

Slow vocal back up by only an upright piano. Mesmorizing.

July 23, 2009

Girando na Renda - Pedro Luis e a Parede & Roberta Sá

Samba with a beautiful brass section. Modern arrangement. Very tastful break at 2:28 between the Repinique and cavaquinho . Gilberto Gil in the audience 3:04 ?

Pedro Luis is considered, currently, the new and modern face of Samba .