November 28, 2013

Coutto Orchestra de Cabeça | Juanita

An instrumental group from North-Eastern Brazil, formed in 2010, comprises of fusion from DJ culture with the traditional rhythms like tango, cumbia, the Balkan, waltzes house music , manouche jazz, maracatu and forró .

September 30, 2013

Dona Onete | Jamburana

...." By the age of fifteen she was singing samba, quadrilhas, boi bumba and other Northeastern genres in the bars of her hometown. “They used to give me beer as payment, but I didn’t even drink it. I was just singing for my own enjoyment.” In spite of her talent and evident star-like quality, Dona Onete never seriously considered a career in music. That would only happen much later, when the current swept her that way. She became a Professor of History and Amazonian Studies in her hometown, Igaparé Miri, 100km outside of Belém, and ardently researched the rhythms, dances and traditions of the indigenous and black people of the area. This led her to establish several music and dance groups, which regenerated traditional customs, and which eventually saw her elected as the Municipal Secretary of Culture of Igaparé-Miri. Absorbing all these genres and rhythms, Dona Onete also began to compose, creating the hybrid genre for which she would later become famous, the carimbó chamegado " .....
Mais Um Discos

September 27, 2013

Alessandra Leão | Atirei

Percussionist, songwriter and singer Alessandra Leão was born in Pernambuco, north-east Brazil. After collaborating with a number of artists (including Antonio Carlos Nóbrega and Florencia Bernales) she launched her solo career in 2006 with the widely acclaimed CD Brinqendo de Tambor. Her star has been on the rise ever since. Her compositions are refreshing interpretations of traditional music from the coast and the Zona da Mata, and are characterized by plenty of polyrhythmic percussion and interwoven guitar lines.

August 21, 2013

Yamandu Costa | Das Paredes

Dudu Maia & Friends | Não tem Coré-Coré

Cabruera | Pisa Moreno

Funk Como Le Gusta | Bourbon Festival - Paraty, 2011

Lucas Santtana | Cira, Regina e Nana

Long before his 30th birthday, Brazilian wunderkind Lucas Santtana had absorbed more music than most professionals would encounter in their lifetimes, having traveled around the world with the biggest names in Brazilian Tropicalia. The sheer volume of influences, including Afro-Brazilian rhythms, Motown funk, Brazilian metal (à la Sepultura), and European electronica would allow him to conceive of sonic textures later that no one else would even consider. More amazing, though, is that he originally came to prominence as a mere flautist. ( more
Drago Bonavich, Rovi

August 11, 2013

Spok Frevo Orquestra featuring Genaro

 Spok Frevo Orquestra draws inspiration from frevo, a vibrant music of elaborated arrangements and deep roots. SpokFrevo takes the tradition to the centre stage, but does not renounce allegiance to freedom. It relies on what jazz is all about: improvisation. SpokFrevo Orquestra arose in 2003 from musical experiences that date back to the late nineties, leaded by the virtuous Inaldo Cavalcante de Albuquerque, Maestro Spok, who plays the part of saxophonist, arranger and musical director. Spok fronts a 16 musicians group, a real big band with saxophone, trumpet, trombone and rhythm sections, bass and guitar. These musicians engage in a crusade beyond aesthetic disputes. In the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, where centenary frevo got birth, carnival bonds constrict the genre to street festivals. . . .  ( more ).
V.O. Music

August 2, 2013

August 1, 2013

Chico Correa Electronic Band | Coco de Elevador

Chico Correa does DJ works with Live act , mixing sounds in real time. Some sets are performed with vocals and guitars, mixing electrosamba and AfroBrazilian elements.

July 20, 2013

Caçapa | Coco-Rojão nº 01

Guitarist from the state of Pernambuco. From his 2nd album "Elefantes na Rua Nova".

June 23, 2013

Rio Maracatu ( 1 hour )

Maracatu is a term common to two distinct performance genres found in Pernambuco state in northeastern Brazil: maracatu de nação (nation-style maracatu) and maracatu rural (rural-style maracatu). A third style, maracatu cearense (Ceará-style maracatu), is found in Fortaleza, in the northeastern state of Ceará. Maracatu also designates the music style that accompanies these performances.
( Wikipedia ) 


March 30, 2013

DJ Tudo & Sua Gente de Todo Lugar | Batucajé

From the DVD "Nos quintais do Mundo Melhor" DJ Tudo e sua gente de todo lugar. Featuring Simone Sou and Graciliano Neto on Vocals and Estevan Sinkovitz on Guitar .

March 3, 2013

Sandália de Prata | Reza Forte

Samba-rock, partido alto and gafieira, with a splash of jazz, soul and rap. These are the elements that give the Brazilian band “Sandália de Prata” a unique sound. Their members mix the tradition of samba – using their drums, repiniques and beats – with modern and sophisticated arrangements, creating a sound that is both rhythmic and solid, which is being called “Samba Pesado – Heavy Samba”. The repertoir is composed of original songs as well as reinterpretations of classics from Jorge Ben Jor, Gilberto Gil, João Bosco ; Aldir Blanc, Itamar Assumpção, Bebeto, and also a particularly “funky” version for “Check my Machine”, from Paul McCartney.

 Sandália de Prata was formed in São Paulo back in 2003 and it has released two albums: “Sandália de Prata” (2006) and “Samba Pesado” (2009). Lead by the charismatic Ully Costa (singer), the band is also composed of Dado Tristão (keyboards), Carlinhos “Creck” (bass), Sandro Lima (acoustic guitar and guitar), Paulinho Sorriso (drums), Tito Amorim (percussion), João Lenhari (trumpet), Jorge Neto (trombone) and Marcelo Valezi (sax). For 7 years they have been shaking up the dancefloors in Brazil, while sharing the stage with very important names of Brazilian music like Jair Rodrigues and Elza Soares, as guests. It is impossible not to dance to Sandália de Prata. The fluency, the rapport, and Ully Costa’s charisma and stage presence ensures the “swingue” and the fun, transforming each of their presentations into true parties. 

Reverb Nation

February 2, 2013

Agua na Boca | Baile Muderno

Agua na Boca featuring Johann Brehmer and DJ Chico Correa .

 água na boca (Nantes - France) explores new music marked by the borders and electro music from NorthEastern Brazil.

Traditional instruments (berimbau, cavaquinho, alfaia, percussion, sanza ...) are mixed with electronic programming .

January 3, 2013

Fernando Catatau & Guizado

From the TV program Pelas Tabelas.

Nicolas Krassik | Murmurando

João Bosco & Nicolas Krassik | Jade

Doces Bárbaros | Atiraste Uma Pedra

Cabruera | Passarada

Brazilian experimental band Cabruêra emerged in 1999 in Natal, aka City of the Sun, with a mix of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, electric funk, folk-rock, and Middle Eastern sounds, an innovative force behind the traditional local music from Northern Brazil. After participating in a live record along with Elba Ramalho and Marinês, among other artists, Cabruêra successfully joined the Brazilian Pro Rock Festival 2000, followed by a European tour including England, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, and the international release of a self-titled album.( All Music by Rovi ) .