May 28, 2011

Ceumar - " Ia Ia " & "Didinha"

Ceumar with Dutch musicians Olaf Keus, Mike del Ferro and Frans van der Hoeven . January 2009 at the Tropen theater. Interpreting Zeca Baleiro's work .

With her velvety vocal tones and dynamic presence, Ceumar ( born Estreia Ceumar ) has brought new expression to the pop music of Brazil. Her debut album Dindinha, released in 1995, is still cherished as an acoustic Brazilian pop classic. The daughter of a multi-instrumentalist and singer, Ceumar was born in the interior of Brazil, south of Minas Gerais. After learning to play tunes on her father's electric viola and piano, she spent several years studying classical viola. Her passion, however, remained focused on pop music. Launching her career in the bars of Minas Gerais where she sang a mixture of American and Brazilian pop tunes, Ceumar supplemented her income by singing jingles and performing at festivals as a background singer. Moving to Sao Paulo in 1995, she recorded her debut album shortly afterwards. Ceumar continues to explore her musical heritage. Her most ambitious project was a full-scale musical production, +30 Musicas Que Voce No Radio (30 Songs That You Won't Hear on Radio), featuring lyrics of Gigliola Cinquetti set to the music of Brazilian composers Hugo Montgomery and Hermeto Pascoal. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide


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May 25, 2011

Lia de Itamaracá - "Mamãe Oxum / Ciranda do Amor"

Born in the Island of Itamaracá ,1944, Maria Madalena Correia do Nascimento, better known as "Lia de Itamaracá"is a Ciranda singer from the state of Pernacumbo. Recorded her first Ciranda LP in 1997 .

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May 23, 2011

Jam da Silva - "Samba Devagar"

Jam da Silva was born in Recife in the Northwest of Brazil.

... "Worldwide, Jam has collaborated with various artists and musicians alongside classical Brazilian artists like Marisa Monte and Roberta Sa or mixing up electronic beats with DJ Dolores. He collaborated with DJ Dolores the Orchestra Santa Massa’s album Contraditirio which later won a BBC3 World Music Award in 2002. He played with France’s Massilia Sound System and The Troublemakers, Camille, Sebastian Martel with Angolan artists WySA and Paulo Flores and was part of the band F.U.R.T O on the album SANGUEAUDIENCIA. Jam recently took part in the  sound and image festival MUltipliciade in Rio de Janeiro, playing alongside the Uk’s Cinematic Orchestra.

Jams’ tunes have already been picked up in the UK by Radio 1- DJ Gilles Peterson. The title track of his album Dia Santo appeared on Browswood Bubblers Four and was part of Gilles’ All Winner Show 2009.

His work has appeared and continues to be used in various film soundtracks; Os NARRADORES De Jave , O Rap do Pequeno Principe , 10 Por cento e' Mentira e EXPRESS WAY ( blue note records ) . Most recently his music has been recorded by Roberta Sa ( O Pedido ) , Elba Ramalho ( Gaiola da Saudade ) , Marisa Monte e Marcelo Yuka ( Desterro )."


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May 21, 2011

Jorginho do Império & Mano Décio da Viola -"Tocar na Banda"

Son of the important sambista Mano Décio da Viola, Jorginho do Império frequented the Império Serrano samba school from an early childhood. Parading at the Império each Carnaval, in 1999 do Império was the puxador (lead vocalist during the parade) of the samba-enredo "Uma Rua Chamada Brasil" (Arlindo Cruz/Carlos Senna/Maurição/Elmo Caetano). Along with his nationwide success, do Império has also toured Japan, France, Argentina, and Hong Kong.

After working as a sideman for Martinho da Vila, do Império started to develop his solo work. In 1971, he was appointed the Cidadão Samba (Citizen Samba of Rio de Janeiro). In the mid-'70s, he became a highly popular artist, selling an average of 300,000 copies of each of his albums, which had hits such as "Na Beira do Mar," "Viagem Encantada," "Dinheiro Vai, Dinheiro Vem," "Heróis da Liberdade" (Mano Décio da Viola/Silas de Oliveira), "Não Ligue Não" (Noca da Portela/Joel Menezes, on his LP Agora Sim..., 1978), "Pára Com Isso" (Alberto de Jesus/da Portela, on his LP Festa do Preto Forro, 1980), "Na Raça e No Peito" (da Portela/Sérgio Fonseca, on Alma Imperiana, 1984), and "Dádiva" (da Portela/Fonseca, on Festa do Samba, 1985). In 2000, do Império participated in the show Encontro Com o Samba at the Rio Sampa room (Rio de Janeiro). 
Alvaro Neder, Rovi
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May 16, 2011

Duani - "Agradeço"

Duani at the Centro Cultural Rio Verde .

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May 10, 2011

Jussara Silveira - "Besta é Tu"

From the program 'Som Brasil' - TV GLOBO, 2009 .

Jussara Silveira has been on the road since 1980 and distinguishes herself by deciding to perform MPB with no commercial compromising. Raised in Salvador BA, much of her work is devoted to Bahian composers. In the '80s, she performed with Gilberto Gil and recorded with Caetano Veloso (Outras Palavras, 1981). She also worked in the Bloco Eva, prior to her work with Ivete Sangalo. In 1989, Silveira left Salvador for São Paulo SP and then Rio de Janeiro RJ. She performed at the MASP, Crowne Plaza, and Sesc Pompéia in São Paulo and at the Teatro Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro. Jussara's rendition for Caetano Veloso's "Dama do Cassino" (included in the compilation CD Elas Cantam Caetano) was included in the soundtrack of the TV Globo Irmãos Coragem and reached the Top Ten of Rádio Jornal do Brasil. Winning the Copene de Cultura e Arte prize in 1996, Silveira recorded her first CD, the independent Jussara Silveira....
~ Alvaro Neder, Rovi

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May 8, 2011

Zeca Pagodinho - "Fita Amarela"

0:43 . Zeca Pagodinho tributed to Noel Rosa.

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May 2, 2011

Ponto de Equilibrio feat Don Carlos - "Stay Alive"


From the new album "Dia Após Dia Lutando".

Ponto de Equilibrio formed by Helio Bentes Rio (vocals), Peter Stone (bass), Márcio Sampaio (guitar), Tiago Caetano (keyboards), Marcelo Campos (percussion), Lucas Kastrup (drums) and André Sampaio (guitar solo) releases their third album . With contributions by Marcelo D2, Jorge Du Peixe ( Nação Zumbi ) and the Jamaican Don Carlos and The Congos, the CD released independently through the Kilimanjaro label.

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May 1, 2011