September 29, 2010


Dominguinhos and Mariana Aydar  
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One of the greatest accordion players of “forró” music, he was musically adopted by the Great Luiz Gonzaga, the King of Baião (brazilian northeastern music). A very accomplished musician, singer and composer, faithful to the roots of forró, yet with a jazzistic approach to his playing. ( Last FM )

Dominguinhos and Hermeto Pascoal - "Forro Brasil"


September 28, 2010

Ana Costa - "Não Importa Mais O Dia"


" Ana Costa is a singer, composer and guitarist who got her start singing in the rough and tumble bars of Baixada Fluminense, a region just north of Rio de Janeiro. In 1994, she founded with Bianca Calcagni the all female group Samba O Roda, later known as O Roda..." ( "Black Star Liners" Blog " ).

Recorded at Oi FM , 2010 .


September 26, 2010

Monica Salmaso: Live in Washington .


Note: One hour videoclip of Monica Salmaso live performance in Washington. Uploaded by "edgararruda" Sept. 2010 . 04:50 , 10:00-Canto em Qualquer Canto , 16:40 , 21:00, 25:00 .

"Just barely into her 30s, the São Paulo singer is already high on the list of her country's vocal artists. Her velvet-toned sound, focused intonation and understated but tenaciously lively rhythms are the hallmarks of a gifted, natural performer. Salmaso could easily have used those gifts in a typically high-voltage Brazilian setting....." ( The Los Angeles Times ).


América Contemporânea - 'Carmelita, adiós'


América Contemporânea is a project to celebrate an encounter between 9 musicians from 7  South American Countries. Brazilian pianist Benjamim Taubkin idealized and performed in this project that united 9 musicians on stage, 4 of them Brazilian, and 6 from other Latin-American countries.

Each artist presents a rhythm from his or her country, and is accompanied by the other musicians. "The diversity and the affluence of the music made in South America is impressive. The musical wealth is much more than anyone imagines. People need to know about this," Taubkin explains. And declares: "These places are as sophisticated as anywhere else. There is life, music, and creativity. All this based on tradition, of course, but with eyes on the future,"

América Contemporânea has already participated in several festivals in Brazil, Europe and North America. The CD was released in Brasil in 2006 by Núcleo Contemporâneo label, in the United States in 2007, by Adventure Music, and in Europe in 2007, by Connecting Cultures.

Recorded at the SESC Pompéia, Brazil 2005 .

Zeca Pagodinho - " Maneco Telecoteco "


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September 24, 2010

Giana Viscardi - " Bala com Bala "


Giana Viscardi - Bala com Bala - Live in Berlin . Drum solo 01:53 . Posted by "chaim1710" Dec. 2009 .


September 22, 2010

Alceu Valença - "Morena Tropicana"


Alceu Valença  is a  composer, writer, performer, actor, and poet.

Alceu Valenca was born in countryside Pernambuco, Northeast Brazil. He is considered the most successful artist in achieving an aesthetic balance between traditional northeastern Brazilian music and a broad range of electronic sounds and effects from pop music. One can find traces of maracatu, coco and "repentes de viola" (improvising fast-paced Brazilian folk music) in most of his songs. ....  ( Wikipedia )

Gogol Bordello - Morena Tropicana
Morena Tropicana as part of "Start Wearing Purple".
Live at Tim Festival, Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil . 2008.

Gogol Bordello is a Gypsy punk band from the Lower East Side of New York City, formed in 1999 and known for theatrical stage shows and persistent touring. Posted by "zanerohr".


September 20, 2010

Virada Cultural 2010: Tribute to Adoniran Barbosa


Virada Cultural is an annual event held since 2005 by the Municipality of São Paulo, promoting 24 hours of non-stop cultural activities held during the month of May, every year, always starting on a Saturday night and ending on a Sunday afternoon. The event was inspired by the annual event named " Nuit Blanche " in Paris, with many cultural entertainment events throughout the night. The activities include music shows, dance shows, classical & orchestra presentations, theater plays, cinema, poetry, anime/comics fans meetings and acrobatic performances. The event takes place in several parts of the downtown area, as well as some cultural centers, clubs and selected schools. On 2010, according to Sao Paulo's Municipality, the event attracted around 4 million people.

"Trem das Onze" ("The 11 PM Train", 1964), which has been ranked one of the five best samba songs ever, the protagonist explains to his lover that he cannot stay any longer because he has to catch the last train to the Jaçanã suburb, and besides his mother will not sleep before he arrives.

Márcio Local - " Quem Pode, Pode "


... " To get a sense of where Marcio Local’s sound comes from, we might begin by noting that he was born in 1976 in Realengo, a working-class neighborhood on the north side of Rio. Realengo is also home to the samba school Padre Miguel, widely regarded as having the tightest and most inventive bateria, the massive drum corps that parade behind the lavish floats during carnival..... By the time Marcio Local was born, the north side had emerged as the epicenter of a new cultural movement dubbed “Black Rio,” which attracted thousands of young people, mostly black, to all-night dance parties with soundtracks that were heavy on soul and funk. ...... The house band of this movement was the famous Banda Black Rio, led by a family friend, saxophonist Oberdan Magalhães, who used to take Marcio to hear the group at the community center of Realengo. He came of age in a neighborhood where you could start your evening at midnight gyrating to one of Rio’s best samba schools and watch the sunrise over a hundreds of kids with the latest moves grooving to James Brown and Brazil’s legendary soul singer Tim Maia. In the 1980s rock and reggae also entered the mix and by the 1990s, a vibrant home-grown dance hall culture exploded around the electronic beats of the bailes funk. All of this—roots samba, soul, funk, reggae, rap and the bailes funk—all inform Marcio’s sound. There is a touch of nostalgia in his music, but he also succeeds in rereading soul samba in innovative and even unusual ways. ( Last FM ).

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September 18, 2010

Orquestra Imperial - "Tema da Zorra"


" Orquestra Imperial is a Brazilian Big Band was formed in 2002 with the goal of becoming a typical Gafieira samba bands group together leading names from the new Carioca pop scene as Rodrigo Amarante (from the group Los Hermanos), Moreno Veloso Domenico Lanceloti and Kassin (from 2 project), Nina Becker, Thalma de Freitas , Max Sette and Rubinho Jacobina. Experienced musicians such as Nelson Jacobina , samba singer and percussionist Wilson Das Neves (composer of Imperio Serrana Gres) . Other musicians who have contributed to include the Orquestra Berna Ceppas Rodrigo Bartolo (who plays with Arnaldo Antunes and Duplexx) Pedro Sa (guitarist Caetano Veloso), Bidu Cordeiro (that came with the Lama do Sucesso Paramore reggae and B) and DJ Marlboro has received official title Orquestra Imperial DJ"... ( Artistwiki )

Posted by " senhorlawless" 2007.

Waltel Branco - Tema De Zorra ( Popcorn With A Feeling )
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Waltel Branco (  Paranaguá, 1929 ) is a Brazilian conductor, composer and arranger .

From a family where music was a part, began this art very early, through the drums, guitar and cavaquinho and later the cello, has been studying harp and organ. His childhood and adolescence was marked by the study of music and religion alternating between the cities of Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro. His musical studies were consolidated in the period when he was in the seminary with the Chilean joquin Zamacois. Among his teachers of the time, names like Benedict Mossurunga, Padre José Penalva, Jorge Koshag, Stanley Wilson and Alceo Bocchino contributed to its formation. ( Discogs )


September 17, 2010

Céu - 'Iracema'


Céu interpreting Adoniran Barbosa's work at the TV program "Som Brasil".

Posted by "veigadaiana" May 2010 .

Adoniran Barbosa and Elis Regina ( 1978 ) - " Iracema", "Um Samba no Bexiga" and " Saudosa Maloca".

..." In spite of the success of his songs and radio characters, Adoniran only became a star of sorts after 1973 when he recorded his first own album. That made him respected as a major composer, and gave him some media exposure. Nevertheless, through his career he continued living a simple and happy life. He had earned a private table at the Bar Brahma, one of the city's most traditional bars. 

While he never lost his love of São Paulo, towards the end of his life he became increasinly sad about the disappearance of its traditional character. "Until the 1960s," he once said, "São Paulo still existed, but since then I have been looking for it, and could not find it. Brás, where is Brás now? And Bexiga, where is it? I was told to look for the Sé. Could not find it. all I see is cars and concrete."

While his music continued to be played, Adoniran himself was gradually forgotten by the public; so that when he died in 1982, in relative poverty, he had at his side only his wife and a brother in law." ( wikipedia )

September 15, 2010

Mariana Aydar -" Aqui em Casa "


In 2000, Mariana Aydar made her professional debut in Miltinho Ediberto's band, an extraordinary folk guitar player. She naturally became acquainted with young and talented musicians, which led to the creation of Banda Carua, where she teamed up as a vocalist for two years, performing alongside Chico Cesar and Virginia Rosa.

In 2004, Mariana wanted to broaden her horizons. She moved to Paris, at the time a scene of high cultural effervescence that mixed Brazilian music, young talents, alternative radio stations, Frenchmen in love with our music and a great desire of creating new things. During this time of discoveries, Mariana met Seu Jorge, who invited her for the opening act of his European tour. “In Paris, after listening to Minha Missao [My Mission], by Joao Nogueira and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro, I realized how much the samba songs are part of the Brazilian essence and I felt that I needed to come back to produce something that would share this soulfulness”, she tells us.

With all this inner motivation, Mariana returned to Brazil in 2005, with the intention of starting up work on her first album. Meanwhile, she was slated as guest artist in concerts of some big names like Joao Donato and Dominguinhos.

One could unmistakably say that Mariana Aydar is the perfect translation of a contemporary feel that searches for the reencounter of tradition and also of its transformation. More than ever, Brazilian music is alive and kicking and audiences are increasingly interested in it. Samba songs are being rediscovered and traditional beats have invaded the territory of electronic music. The lyrics are once again singing about candomble and samba-rock is cheering up the warm nights and the dance floors.

At 26, Mariana Aydar is considered one of the most promising singers of her generation. Not limited to passing fads or prudish purisms, she drinks from the fountainhead with no fear of putting her own mark to it. Totally at ease, her voice gracefully moves from samba rhythms to classic songs, from forro music to contemporary sounds. Her acknowledged influences are, among others, Roberto Ribeiro, Joao Nogueira, Jackson do Pandeiro, Luiz Gonzaga, Marina Lima, Lulu Santos, Leci Brandao, Elis Regina and Lenine.

 ( )
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September 13, 2010

Muvida Musical - "Emilio"


A rough but interesting arrangement of Timbalada's "Emilio"by a local Bahian group Muvida Musical.

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September 11, 2010

Beth Carvalho - "Vou Festejar "


From the DVD "Beth Carvalho - A Madrinha do Samba Ao Vivo Convida".

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Coisinha do Pai /  02:08  - Vou Festejar  ( Jorge Aragão & Beth carvalho )

Uploaded by "magoborba1" 2009. Agogo bell 04:44

September 8, 2010

Ana Canas - "Prova de Carinho"


At the celebration of Adoniran Barbosa's  musical legacy , Altas Horas' special program featured Demônios da Garoa, Jeito Moleque, Casuarina, Zélia Duncan, Ana Cañas, Teresa Cristina, Negra Li, Maria Rita, Bruno & Marrone, Di Ferrero, Gabriel, O Pensador, Dominguinhos, Lenine, Jorge Aragão, Emannuelle Araújo, Lan Lan e Tony.

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Adoniran Barbosa ( 1910 - 1982  )

Adoniran Barbosa's favorite musical style is the "samba paulista", the samba of São Paulo, generally despised by the "sambistas" of Rio de Janeiro. A feature of this style is the "samba de breque" ("brake samba"), where the music is suddenly interrupted to make space for a few spoken words, or a sudden reversal in the melodic line. 

Among his compositions included "Trem das Onze" ("The 11 PM Train", 1964), which has been ranked one of the five best samba songs ever .


September 7, 2010

Roberta Sá - "Foi Ela"


Roberta Sá interpreted Ary Barroso's work " Foi Ela " . Som Brasil progam .

" Sometimes good things do come from very unexpected places. Take, for example, the TV show Fama from Globo TV in Brazil. The show is similar to American Idol in which contestants struggle for a chance to make it big with a brand new solo career. Roberta Sá (Natal, Rio Grande do Norte) was one of such contestants, and even though she was not the winner in that 2002 show, she has started off on the right foot....

Outside the show, Roberta Sá first got the attention of critics when she recorded Dorival Caymmi's "A Vizinha do Lado" for a Globo TV novela soundtrack. That led her to meet with producer and guitarist Rodrigo Campello. He is responsible for the production of her debut album, a good release with a balanced repertoire of classic and contemporary Brazilian music, including sambas, côco and a waltz. ( Musica Brasileira }

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September 6, 2010

Maquinado - "Juízo final" ( Nelson Cavaquinho )


Maquinado is a solo project from Nação Zumbi's guitarist - Lucio Maia . 03:12 - bent Mas Que Nada.

Nelson Cavaquinho


September 5, 2010

Ney Matogrosso and PLAP - "Ordem é Samba"


Ney Matogrosso and PLAP ( Pedro Luis e A Parede ) from the DVD " Pedro Luis e A Parede - Vagabundo Ao Vivo " released 2008 .

Ney de Sousa Pereira, known as Ney Matogrosso, is a singer who is distinguished for his uncommon sopranino voice. In 1971, he moved to Sao Paulo, adopting the artistic name Ney Matogrosso, and joined the glam rock group Secos & Molhados, which in less than 18 months became a phenomenon, selling 1 million records. Endowed with a unique counter-tenor voice and a striking stage presence, Ney's career soared.

After the group Secos e Molhados split up, Ney pursued a successful solo career in Brazil and abroad, obtaining several Gold and Platinum records.

Famous for his outlandish costumes, make-up, daring movements and singular high-pitch voice, Ney has always been regarded as a polemic character. ( Wikipedia )

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Jackson do Pandeiro


September 3, 2010

Dandara - " Inquietação "


Dandara ( Rio de Janeiro ) at the CIEE 06/08/2010. Work composed by Ary Barroso. André Lima, Bruno Silveira, João Paulo Deogracias and Mauricio Caruso.

Billie Jean