September 29, 2011

Tulipa Ruiz | Os Grilos

..."Her singular voice puts her in line with other Brazilian singers like Bebel Gilberto, Fernanda Abreu and bossa nova queens like Eliana Pittman, Maysa, Claudette Soares, Elizeth Cardoso or Sylvia Telles. Well, the sensuality of Brazilian voices is always a good starting point, but Tulipa Ruiz does not fall into the trap of repetition. In every song, she brings something new and mixes the traditional bossa nova style with other influences. It can be funk (A ordem das Arvores), pop (Da menina), or even new wave (Brocal dourado). ( more )
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September 24, 2011

Curumin & Leo Marinho | Kalakuta

04:06 .

The Afrobeat track "Kalakuta" from the new disk "Baptista Virou Máquina".
Leo Marinho - guitar, Haley - synthesizer, Pablo Ramires - percussion, Lucas Martins - bass and Curumin - drums.

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Burro Morto's edgier version of its original composition.

LIVE at the Centro Cultural Sao Paulo . April 2011 .

Toquinho and Miúcha | O Que Será (À Flor da Pele)

Toquinho on Guitar and Miúcha (Chico Buarque's sister) on vocals LIVE in Milan, 1978 .
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September 19, 2011

Clube do Balanço - Instrumental

In the same way that the Rolling Stones paid homage to the masters of the Delta Blues, Brazilian band Clube do Balanço re-ignited the work of the masters of samba-rock — Jorge Ben (up to 77), Luiz Vagner, Bebeto, Roberto Carlos and Erasmo, Branca Di Neve, Marku Ribas, Orlandivo — propping up the ballroom style to the taste this new century’s audiences. ( more ) Last FM .

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September 14, 2011

Antônio Carlos Jobim & Vinícius de Moraes | "A Felicidade"

LIVE in Milan , 1978 : the duo Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes

Vinicius de Moraes (1913 - 1980) helped to create two of the icons of twentieth-century culture, the play "Orfeu da Conceição", which became known in English as "Black Orpheus" after it was made into an internationally successful film, and the song "Garota de Ipanema," better known as "The Girl from Ipanema."

Those two works formed only a small fraction of what Moraes accomplished. He wrote poetry for specialists and popular songs for the Brazilian people. A complete list of his occupations would also include diplomat, film critic, film censor , screenwriter, singer and recording artist, advice columnist, radio host, non-practicing lawyer, and general non- conformist  with a taste for good whiskey .   Moraes was always seeking something new, and that tendency helped make him a great crossover artist who fused Western and African cultural ideas in Black Orpheus and brought subtle Brazilian music to the top of the international charts with "The Girl from Ipanema."  ( more ) .

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September 11, 2011

Cordel do Fogo Encantado | "Nossa Senhora da Paz "

The Cordel do Fogo Encantado was created in Arcoverde, Brazil, located 260 km from Recife (Pernambuco), by five youngsters, three from Arcoverde (Lirinha, pandeiro/vocals; Clayton Barros, guitar/vocals; Emerson Calado, percussion/voice) and two from the Morro da Conceição, Recife (Rafa Almeida, percussion/voice; and Nêgo Henrique, percussion/voice). The group appeared in 1997 as a theatrical spectacle fusing narrative; scenery; Indian traditions (toré); a very percussive approach; the oral popular poetry of the hinterlands produced by northeast Brazilian bards like Manoel Filó, Manoel Chadu, Zé da Luz, Chico Pedrosa, and Inácio da Catingueira; the Northeastern popular literature known as "cordel"; and folkloric musical genres like the reisado, the embolada, the samba de coco, and the music of cantadores (minstrels). In 1999, the Cordel opened at the Rec-Beat festival, organized in Recife during the Carnival. The independent Cordel do Fogo Encantado was launched in 2001, produced by Naná Vasconcellos. Promoting the album during their first southeast Brazilian tour, they immediately caught the attention of the media, also having packed houses for their performances. The first music video, for the song "Chover (Ou Invocação para Um Dia Líquido)," was awarded in several festivals. Their first international tour was launched during July and August 2001, consisting in 11 shows through Belgium, Germany, France, and other countries. In October, the group participated in the Free Jazz Festival, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In 2002, the group was elected by APCA (Association of Art Critics of São Paulo) as the "revelation group" of 2001. Their 2002 shows included as its opening song "Os Anjos Caídos," theme of Cacá Diegues' film Deus É Brasileiro, in which the band also participated. ~ Alvaro Neder, Rovi

September 9, 2011

Maria Bethânia | " Como Dizia o Poeta "

A composition by Vinicius de Moraes.

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September 4, 2011

DJ Tudo & Gente de Todo Lugar | Baque Forte

DJ Tudo & Sua Gente de Todo Lugar featuring Ameth Male ( Senegal ).

DJ Tudo, aka Alfredo Bello,  in his recent launch of the new CD ""Nos Quintais do Mundo -- My community is humanity" at the   Auditório Ibirapuera , Sao Paulo , 29 July 2011 . The 11 Tracks comprise of  Brazilian rhythms including Maracatu, Afoxé, Caboclinho, Congado and  mixed with elements of Dub, Funk, Electronica .

September 1, 2011

Paulinho Moska & Martinho da Vila | Disritmia

"Disritmia" from the TV program Zoombido . Posted by "valeriabdiniz" . June 2010 .