November 27, 2011

Hamilton de Holanda & Seu Jorge | Mas Que Nada

01:32 - Bamdolim

Hamilton de Holanda & Seu Jorge at the Rival theater , 2008 .

November 24, 2011

Vanessa da Mata & Ben Harper | Boa Sorte /Good Luck

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Ben Harper featuring Venessa da Mata  at the Praia Skol Music,  06/02/2011 , Campreche - Praia do Riozinho - SC .

Vanessa da Mata was born in 1976, in Alto Garças, Mato Grosso – a small town surrounded by rivers and waterfalls 400 kms from Cuiabá. A self-taught musician, she listened to a range of music in her childhood, from Luiz Gonzaga to Tom Jobim, and also Milton Nascimento and Orlando Silva. She also listed to folk musics such as carimbó, samba or caipira, and even to kitsch old Italian songs, along with anything else that came through the AM airwaves.... ( read more )

November 23, 2011

November 19, 2011

Jonas Tatit | Do Vento

Jonas Tatit " Do Vento " (Arnaldo Antunes/ Paulo Tatit/ Sandra Peres) from his album "Palavra Cantada Tocada ".

November 16, 2011

Teresa Cristina | "Beijo Sem"

Teresa Cristina performing Adriana Calcanhotto's composition at the "Happy Hour" program April 2010.

November 13, 2011

Lucio Maia at the Instrumental SESC Brasil - 03/10/2011 .

"Ain´t No Sunshine"   04:16

Lucio Maia -- guitar; Tony Gordin -- drums; Eder O Rocha -- percussion; Zé Nigro - bass.

Lucio Maia was voted seven times the best guitarist in Brazil and is a member of the legendary Nação Zumbi .

Juízo Final  ( Nelson do Cavaquinho )

Seu Jorge & Almaz in Portugal 2010

Adopting the name Seu Jorge -- Seu, an abbreviation of "senhor," is a venerable Brazilian honorific -- his dusky baritone and charismatic stage presence immediately attracted attention and in 1999 he left Farofa Carioca to mount a solo career, collaborating with Beastie Boys producer Mario Caldato on the commercial and critical smash Samba Esporte Fino. In 2002, Jorge was cast as Knockout Ned in director Fernando Meirelles' Academy Award-nominated City of God -- two years later he co-starred in Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou as Pelé Dos Santos, a member of an oceanography crew with a penchant for singing David Bowie covers in Portuguese. The project introduced many filmgoers to Jorge's musical career and greatly elevated the global profile of his sophomore solo effort, the acclaimed 2004 release Cru. The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions, assembling all 14 of the songs he recorded for the film, followed in late 2005. América Brasil: O Disco appeared in 2008 from Naïve Records, with Seu Jorge and Almaz arriving in 2010. ( Read more )
Jason Ankeny, Rovi

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November 11, 2011

Bambas Dois | World Cry ( All Faya Mix )

BiD feat. Jesse Royal & Karina Buhr . Music by BiD and Gustah, lyrics by Jesse Royal.

Bambas Dois is the new recording by Brazilian producer Bid. The idea behind the project is to blend North Eastern Brazilian music with Jamaican. As you can hear from the trailer it’s quite a smooth blend with those Trad Brazilian rhythms such as Forró and Maracatu mixing almost seamlessly with the Jamaican skank.

Farofa Carioca | Moro no Brasil - LIVE in Brasilia

November 9, 2011

Marina Lima | Não Me Venha Mais Com o Amor

Starting her career before Brazilian rock of the '80s was commercially ripe, Marina Lima witnessed its creation from a privileged standpoint and participated in it as a successful pop star since 1984. Her most regular partner has been her brother, philosopher Antônio Cícero. Her biggest hits are "Fullgás" (Marina/Antônio Cícero), "À Francesa" (Marina/Antônio Cícero), "Pra Começar" (Marina/Antônio Cícero), "Nada Por Mim" (Herbert Viana/Paula Toller), "Eu Te Amo Você" (Kiko Zambianchi), "Ainda É Cedo," "Não Sei Dançar," and "Uma Noite e Meia." Her eclectic repertory features rock-tinged pop-dance music, blues, bossa nova, a typical samba-canção melancholy, and a very tiny pinch of jazz.( Read more )
~ Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

November 7, 2011

November 5, 2011

Lenine & Selma do Coco : Tribute to Jackson do Pandeiro

Jackson do Pandeiro in the movie "Cala a Boca Etelvina" shot in Rio de Janeiro, 1958.

November 4, 2011


Excerpt from the DVD " Brasileirinho - Choro in Rio " . Featuring Trio Madeira Brasil, Yamandu Costa ...

Roberta Sá & Roberto Silva | Falsa Bahiana

With Ciro Monteiro, Roberto Silva was one of the developers of the richly syncopated melodic division of samba singing launched by Luís Reis and Vassourinha. Some of his biggest hits are "Maria Tereza" (Altamiro Carrilho), "Normélia", "Mandei Fazer um Patuá" (both by Raimundo Olavo/Norberto Martins), "Perdi Você" (Raimundo Olavo/Silva Júnior), "Juraci me Deixou" (Raimundo Olavo/Oldemar Magalhães), "Escurinho" (Geraldo Pereira), "Crioulo Sambista" (Nelson Trigueiro/ Sinval Silva), and "O Baile Começa às Nove" (Haroldo Lobo/Milton de Oliveira). Silva was the singer of the first recording ever of a samba-enredo, "Exaltação a Tiradentes" (Mano Décio da Viola/Stanislau Silva). During his active career he recorded approximately 600 songs in 78 rpm's, singles and LP's. In the late 30's Roberto Silva started to perform in radio shows like the ones hosted by Celso Guimarães, Renato Murce, Henrique Batista, Barbosa Jr. and the most famous of all, Ary Barroso's. As a professional he debuted in 1938 in the programme Canta Mocidade (Rádio Guanabara, where he worked until 1940). ( Read more )

November 1, 2011

DJ Tudo | Nossa Africa , CCBB São Paulo, 2009

DJ Tudo with BATUCAJÉ - Robertinho Silva, Simone Sou, Jadna Zimmerman and Alfredo Bello.