October 23, 2011

CÉU | Prova de Carinho

Rendition of Adoniran Barbosa's work. Also, see September 8 , 2010 post - Ana Canas .

October 19, 2011

Burro Morto | Nick's Groove

An instrumental group from Paraiba , Burro Morto had its origin in psychedelic jam sessions inspired by seventies bands in Brazil.

Musica de Bolso: http://www.musicadebolso.com.br

October 18, 2011

Rivotrill | Groovetube

Recorded LIVE at Rivotrill's premiere release of its debut CD . See August 22nd 2011 post.

October 15, 2011

Renato Braz | Pra Fazer o Sol Nascer

Pra Fazeer o Sol Nascer written by Gilberto Gil .

The Orquestra Popular da Bomba in Paris

Formed in 2002, the Orquestra Popular da Bomba is lead by Francisco Amancio da Silva , aka "Maestro Forró" , the orchestra consists of 21 members, all residents of the neighborhood of Hemetério ( Recife, Pernacumbo state ).  The orchestra presented a traditional repertoire stretching from some Mambo of Benny More to Mangue Beat of the late  Chico Science, from the Swing to Maracatu, from Xaxado to Ciranda, from Cavalho Marino to Fox Trot passing through the standard renditions of the famous "Vassourinhas", "Cabelo de Fogo" and "Elefante".

October 11, 2011

Nicolas Krassik 4Teto | Lamento Sertanejo

Nicolas Krassik is a French violinist, he started his studies at the age of five at the Conservatoire National de Region d’Aubervilliers-la Courneuve, France. In 2001, after feeling an affinity with Brazilian music, he moved to Rio de Janiero. His quick integration into the Brazilian music scene has led to several recordings and performances with renowned artists like Yamandú Costa, Beth Carvalho, João Bosco and Marisa Monte.

October 8, 2011

Mestre Ambrósio | Benjaab

Mestre Ambrósio at the Heineken Concerts 1997.

Formed in Recife (Pernambuco) in 1992, the Mestre Ambrósio developed a particular sound that draws on the northeast Brazilian genres of maracatu, ciranda, coco, baião, and caboclinho, mixed with pop, rock, and world pop music, including Arabic. Associated with the mangue beat, Mestre Ambrósio, unlike the Nação Zumbi or Chico Science, is more devoted to the northeast Brazilian tradition. Its name derives from the role of master of ceremonies of the folkloric theater Cavalo Marinho from Pernambuco.

October 1, 2011

Samba de Luiz | Zamba Bem

Excerpt from the DVD "120 saias pra 40 paletós", recorded LIVE ( 2008 ) locally at the Vinnil Cultura Bar ( Minas Gerais ) . A rendition from Marku Ribas' work.