July 31, 2011

Raquel Coutinho | Paraíso

From Mina Gerais, Raquel Coutinho's sound is a mixture of digital and traditional Brazilian influences from the Congo, Folia de reis, Candomblé and contemporary sounds.

July 30, 2011

Kiko Dinucci & Dom | Ciranda Para Janaina

Kiko Dinucci was born in Sao Paulo in 1977. As a songwriter, he is influenced by Sao Paulos samba-style and composers, such as Adoniran Barbosa, Paulo Vanzolini, Geraldo Filme, Raul Torres, as well as contemporary musicians like Itamar Assumpao, Luiz Tatit, Wandi Doratioto, among others. His compositions consist of Sambas, Lundus, Jongos, Batuques, Fox Trots, Cumbias, Rumbas, Boleros, Emboladas, Jazz, Macumbas and Modas de Viola, all which have incfluenced his solo project, "Bando Afro Macarronico".

As an artist, Kiko develops paintings and drawings using samba and many different popular-afro-brazilian cultural expressions as the main theme. Kiko has also established himself as an illustrator and comic book developer. He was the illustrator of the book "Salmos de Itaquera", by Fabiano Ramos Torres and has also done work developing storyboards for comic books, working with cartoon artists such as Marcelo Dsalete. He is currently working on a comic book called "Cabea de Homem". Kiko also directed a documentary called "Dana das Cabaas Exu no Brasil", in which he investigates the influence of the african saint Exu in the brazilian subconscience. He is currently in the process of making his second documentary, entitled "Jardim do Barranco".
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Luisa Maita | Ai Vem Ele / Alento

Luisa Maita's acoustic session at the Tiny Desk Concert , NPR music.

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Samba da Vela - To Duro

July 29, 2011

Samba da Vela | Heranca de Alforria

Samba da Vela ( Sao Paulo ) featuring Ana Elisa.

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July 25, 2011

Na Mira Da Musica Brasileira

Na Mira Da Musica Brasileira, First Edition - November 2010, Ibirapuera Auditorium .

The series - " Na Mira Da Musica Brasileira" - aim at bringing together a collective group of musically diverse and original artists whom careers started in the early 2000 . The first edition has taken place at Ibirapuera Auditorium followed by the second edition in April , 2011 .

Antonio de Pádua ( Paraíba ),Antonio Loureiro , Kleber Gomes "Criolo" ( Sao Paulo )
DJ Marco, João Taubkin , Kiko Dinucci ( Sao Paulo ), Laura Lavieri, Lula Alencar ( Rio Grande do Norte )

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July 24, 2011

Mart´nália | Boto Meu Povo Na Rua

Mart´nália at the Virada Cultural 2011 , Sao Paulo .

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July 20, 2011

July 19, 2011

Seu Jorge & Almaz | Água Viva

Seu Jorge and Almaz LIVE at Citibank Hall, São Paulo. March 2011. Lucio Maia's guitar rift 04:50 .

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Sensacional Orchestra | Mas Que Nada / O Telefone Tocou Novamente

Formed in Michigan, USA.
02:52 - O Telefone Tocou Novamente

July 17, 2011

July 14, 2011

July 12, 2011

DJ Dolores & Orchestra Santa Massa | Santa Massa Chegou

DJ Dolores has had a noted participation in the Recife, Brazil scene since 1989. Recording and sampling sounds from Recife, Dolores has been producing music from sounds of the streets of Recife mixed with his own programming. Dolores has been writing soundtracks for the cinema (like the major production O Rap do Pequeno Príncipe Contra as Almas Sebosas, by Paulo Caldas/Marcelo Luna) and theater (A Máquina, by João Falcão). He also has participated in festivals like the Free Jazz Festival 2001, Abril Pro Rock 2001, Strictly Mundial 2001 (in Salvador, Bahia), and has participated in Adriana Calcanhotto's CD Marítimo, along with his work with the Orchestra Santa Massa. ~ Alvaro Neder

July 7, 2011

Jovelina Perola Negra

Jovelina Pérola Negra was one of the artists (like Zeca Pagodinho, Fundo de Quintal, Almir Guineto, Jorge Aragão, and others) who was discovered during the '80s in the wake of the so-called new pagode movement. Celebrated for her potent and swinging vocal performance and the composer of several hits recorded by contemporary samba greats, Pérola Negra (her nickname meaning black pearl after her shining color) had a hard time before reaching success. After 41 years of singing in community samba parties (pagodes) in the working-class suburbs of Rio de Janeiro (at the Baixada Fluminense), and also participating in the Carnaval as a baiana of the Império Serrano samba school, she recorded her first album in 1985 along with novice artists Zeca Pagodinho, Mauro Diniz, Pedrinho da Flor, and Elaine Machado. The album, Raça Brasileira, was turned down by RGE, and was only released after one of the recording company's directors decided to sponsor it himself. The album was a major hit, and all participating artists were called to record their solo albums. She recorded her first one the next year, Jovelina Pérola Negra, followed by seven others and one collection (all released through RGE). Along with her national success, Negra also performed in Angola, France, and Japan before her precocious demise of a heart attack when she was sleeping at home in 1998. ~ Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

Jovelina Pérola Negra & Leci Brandão - No Mesmo Manto

July 3, 2011

Burro Morto | Navalha Cega

Formed in João Pessoa (Paraíba ), the group has released two EPs "Pousada Bar, TV e Vídeo" (2001) and "Varadouro" (2008). The band music direction includes a mixture of Afrobeat, Jazz, Funk, Tropicália and Psychedelia .

July 2, 2011

Ó do Borogodó | Tarde de Chuva

Initially formed to play at the Ó Borogodó's Bar ( Sao Paulo ). The group ended up adopting the the Bar's name.  Gian Corrêa (guitar), Ildo Silva (cavaquinho), Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet) and Roberta Valente (tambourim).

July 1, 2011

Isaurinha Garcia | Camisa Listrada

One of the highly popular singers in the '40s and '50s throughout Brazil, Isaurinha Garcia recorded over 50 rpm and more than ten LPs during her career. The first Rainha do Rádio Paulista (Queen of São Paulo's Radio), in 1953, Garcia had hits in the '40s with "Aperto de Mão," "Mensagem," "De Conversa em Conversa"; in the '50s with "Marrequinha" (Denis Brean/Raul Duarte), "Velho Enferrujado" (Gadé/Valfrido Silva), "Pé de Manacá" (Hervé Cordovil/Marisa Pinto Coelho), and "Mocinho Bonito" (Billy Blanco). In the '60s, she had success with "Tem Bobo Pra Tudo" (Manuel Brigadeiro/João Correia da Silva). When Garcia was 14, she participated in a novice show at Rádio Record, winning first place. In the next year, she was hired by the outing, having remained as one of the main female singers of its cast throughout her career. The first album came in 1941, with "Chega de Tanto Amor" (Mário Lago) and "Pode Ser" (Geraldo Pereira/Marino Pinto). The first hit came in 1943, "Aperto de Mão" (Dino 7 Cordas/Meira/Augusto Mesquita). .... ( more ) .

Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

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Elza Soares