January 29, 2012

Jam da Silva | Mania

Jam da Silva at the Festival No Ar Coquetel Molotov 2009, Recife .

January 17, 2012

Iara Rennó | Pomba-Rola

From Elsie Houston to Carmen Miranda by Iara Rennó from MOCHILLA on Vimeo.

By Iara Renno ( @ Hollywood Boulevard )

Ê ê ê
ê ê ah
cadê minha pomba-rola
que fugiu lá do pombal...

(eh eh eh / eh eh ah / where is my turtledove / who fled the cage...)

Turtledove, a traditional song, was recorded in the 30's by Elsie Houston. She was the daughter of a father from the U.S and a mother in Rio. She is Carmen Miranda's contemporary, a friend of Pagu and Mário de Andrade. Elsie was part of this group of artists who invented indigenous Brazilian culture. Today I find myself entranced by their memory and, like them (Carmen and Elsie), somehow I ended up here in 'Los Angeles'. My mother has the last name Miranda (no relation), and I am the turtledove, whose destiny is to sing and fly around the world.

Friendly Noises' Blog

January 14, 2012

Luisa Maita | Fulaninha ( Maga Bo Remix)

From the EP " Maita Remixed " features 7 remixes by DJ /rupture, Seiji, Da Lata, DJ Tudo, Tejo, Maga Bo, & Popular Beat Combo.

Based in Rio de Janiero and affiliated with Soot Records, Maga Bo is a DJ/producer whose style is a mashup of international breakbeats ranging from hip-hop, ragga, and grime to bhangra, raï, and batucada. Born Bo Anderson and originally from Seattle, he is a sound engineer by trade and schooled in ethnomusicology. He is an extensive traveler, working and performing throughout Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. In terms of recordings, Maga Bo released a couple albums on the Post World Industries label during the early 2000s: Do Not Spit Here or There: A Noise Primer on the Indian Subcontinent (2001), an album of recordings from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka between 1997-1999 that was credited to AudioFile Collective, a collaboration with Filastine; and Lost & Stolen Goods (2005), a live mix credited to Sonar Calibrado, another alias of Filastine and Maga Bo. On his own, he released the 12" EP Tudo Bem (2003) on the British label Tru Thoughts and another 12" EP, Confusion of Tongues (2007), on DJ /rupture's label, Soot Records. His affiliation with Soot Records also spawned a mix album titled Confusion of Tongues (2007). ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide

January 13, 2012

Carlinhos Brown , February 2011: A Film by Vincent Moon

Privileged percussionist Carlinhos Brown also found his way as a composer and vocalist, displaying all his musical virtues in several albums which were released after 1996's Alfagamabetizado. He has had over 200 of his songs recorded by many interpreters like Marisa Monte ("Segue o Seco," "Maria de Verdade," "Arrepio," "Magamalabares"), Gal Costa, Daniela Mercury ("Rapunzel," "Rimas Irmãs"), Cássia Eller, Daúde ("Lavanda"), and Sepultura. More than 30 of them reached the Brazilian top parade. Sérgio Mendes's Brasileiro, which had five songs by Brown, was awarded with a Grammy. Brown also recorded with Herbie Hancock.  ( Read more )

Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

January 12, 2012

Alessandra Leão & Caçapa | Boa Hora

Alessandra Leão & Caçapa at the Pelas Tabelas program .

Percussionist, songwriter and singer Alessandra Leão was born in Pernambuco, north-east Brazil. After collaborating with a number of artists (including Antonio Carlos Nóbrega and Florencia Bernales) she launched her solo career in 2006 with the widely acclaimed CD Brinqendo de Tambor. Her star has been on the rise ever since. Her compositions are refreshing interpretations of traditional music from the coast and the Zona da Mata, and are characterized by plenty of polyrhythmic percussion and interwoven guitar lines.

January 11, 2012

Kiko Dinucci + Alessandra Leão + Chico Correa e Electronic Band em

At the ACRE, Recife,  September 2011.  Jam session before the gig.

Kiko Dinucci was born in São Paulo in 1977. As a songwriter, he is influenced by São Paulos samba-style and composers, such as Adoniran Barbosa, Paulo Vanzolini, Geraldo Filme, Raul Torres, as well as contemporary musicians like Itamar Assumpção, Luiz Tatit, Wandi Doratioto, among others. His compositions consist of Sambas, Lundus, Jongos, Batuques, Fox Trots, Cumbias, Rumbas, Boleros, Emboladas, Jazz, Macumbas and Modas de Viola, all which have incfluenced his solo project, "Bando AfroMacarronico".
Kiko has estabished himself as a well rounded individual, not limited to only creating music. As an artist, Kiko develops paintings and drawings using samba and many different popular-afro-brazilian cultural expressions as the main theme. Kiko has also established himself as an illustrator and comic book devloper. He was the illustrator of the book “Salmos de Itaquera”, by Fabiano Ramos Torres and has also done work developing storyboards for comic books, working with cartoon artists such as Marcelo Dsalete. He is currently working on a comic book called “Cabeça de Homem”. Kiko also directed a documentary called “Dança das Cabaças – Exu no Brasil”, in which he investigates the influence of the african saint Exu in the brazilian subconscience. He is currently in the process of making his second documentary, entitled “Jardim do Barranco”.

João Bosco & Nicolas Krassik | Da África à Sapucaí

At the SESC Pompeia (São Paulo), 2009.
João Bosco, Nicolas Krassik, Marcelo Caldi, Luis Barcelos and Nando Duarte.

January 9, 2012

Bruna Caram | Feriado Pessoal

Bruna Caram at the "Festival Gran Momentos , Botica do Quintana (São Paulo, 2011).

January 8, 2012

Banda de Pifanos de Caruaru

Formed in 1924 by Manoel Clarindo Biano and Benito Clarindo Biano , Banda de Pifanos is now one of the oldest traditional instrumental group in Brazil. The current line up are all descendants of its original founders. The band first record was released in 1971. Its unique sound , consisting of flutes and percussion, was discovered by Gilberto Gil who recorded " Popica Moderna" ( lyrics by Caetano Veloso ) .

" Clique Music: A Musica Brasileria Esta Aqui "

Mundo Livre S/A | A Expressão Exata

Mundo Livre S/A (Free World Inc.), a rock band from the Pernambuco state,is a kind of discursive, bohemian rock. It's one of the important bands from the early-90's mangue-beat movement; its singer, guitarist and lyricist, Fred 04, has a weary, pleading voice that sprawls out over bar lines, in the style of Jorge Ben.

January 6, 2012

Emicida & Elza Soares | Quero Ver Quarta-Feira

The title of Emicida’s first mixtape tells you a lot about him — it’s called, For a Guy Who Once Bit A Dog For Food, I’ve Come A Long Way. Emicida started as an MC battler, at weekly gatherings in Sao Paulo’s Santa Cruz neighborhood, where he got his name — Emicida . 

The name Emicida is a fusion of the words "Emcee"  and "Homicide", because of his frequent victories in the battles of improvisation, his friends began to say that Emicida was a "killer", and "kill" their opponents through rhymes. A clip of Emicida bringing another MC nearly to tears has nearly over 1.3 million hits on Youtube. In 2011 he won Best Video of the Year at Brazil’s MTV Awards, and he currently hosts his own rap-themed show on Brazilian MTV.

Emicida’s vibe takes us back to the golden age of hip hop, when Nas and Jay-Z were slinging rhyming insults. Like his American counterparts, his flow is relentless, but also precise, his syncopated Portuguese swinging over classic ’90s beats and brass samples. He also shares the classic rap themes of his English-speaking counterparts — his first big single, “Triunfo,” is about owning the streets of Sao Paulo, and “Entao Toma” spins a story about outwitting an enemy.

MTV Iggy

January 5, 2012

3 Na Massa feat. Thalma de Freitas | Sem fôlego

3 Na Massa was founded by Rica Amabis, Pupillo and Sucinto Silva aka Dengue in Sao Paulo. Pupillo and Dengue play drums and bass while Rica is the magic cook, the producer of the trio. This is also where the band name stems from, 3 na massa - 3 in the dough, slang for something that makes your mouth water in expectation of a special treat. And special it is. The idea of 3 na massa came from women. Women talking about their amorous experiences with men -- moments, events that marked their life, whether seduction or desires. The songs are inspired by the sensuality of these stories. They can be happy, entertaining as well as spicy and longing like an erotic adventure in an amusement park. Under the influence of Federico Fellini's films and the work of Serge Gainsbourg of the 60s and 70s, the music could easily be the soundtrack of the illustrated stories of Millo Manara. The debut album release is the stories (songs) of 13 different women who collaborated with the trio to create this trip through the large emotional world of women. Lending their voice to the songs are some of Brazil's favorites: CeU, Nina Miranda, Thalma de Freitas, Karine Carvalho and Alice Braga, among others. Rica Amabis is a producer and sound engineer working in music since 1994. In 1999 he released his first record titled "Sambadelic", a fusion of Brazilian music and electronic beats. In 2000 Rica founded the studio / production team INSTITUTO in which he and his team produced and composed music for albums such as Nacao Zumbi, Otto, Zafrica Brasil, film (The Invador, Seja O que Deus Quiser, Arido Movie, Baixio das Bestas, Cao sem dono), amongst many other special projects. Pupillo and Sucinto Silva (Dengue) are members of the very popular fusion rock band Nacao Zumbi. Pupillo is also a partner of the label Candeeiro which includes artists like DJ Dolores, China and Mundo Livre. He has played on recordings by Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte and others.

January 2, 2012

Lenine & Zélia Duncan | Tempestade

From Zélia Duncan's DVD "Sortimento Vivo" . Posted by "AlexandrePontes"