March 30, 2013

DJ Tudo & Sua Gente de Todo Lugar | Batucajé

From the DVD "Nos quintais do Mundo Melhor" DJ Tudo e sua gente de todo lugar. Featuring Simone Sou and Graciliano Neto on Vocals and Estevan Sinkovitz on Guitar .

March 3, 2013

Sandália de Prata | Reza Forte

Samba-rock, partido alto and gafieira, with a splash of jazz, soul and rap. These are the elements that give the Brazilian band “Sandália de Prata” a unique sound. Their members mix the tradition of samba – using their drums, repiniques and beats – with modern and sophisticated arrangements, creating a sound that is both rhythmic and solid, which is being called “Samba Pesado – Heavy Samba”. The repertoir is composed of original songs as well as reinterpretations of classics from Jorge Ben Jor, Gilberto Gil, João Bosco ; Aldir Blanc, Itamar Assumpção, Bebeto, and also a particularly “funky” version for “Check my Machine”, from Paul McCartney.

 Sandália de Prata was formed in São Paulo back in 2003 and it has released two albums: “Sandália de Prata” (2006) and “Samba Pesado” (2009). Lead by the charismatic Ully Costa (singer), the band is also composed of Dado Tristão (keyboards), Carlinhos “Creck” (bass), Sandro Lima (acoustic guitar and guitar), Paulinho Sorriso (drums), Tito Amorim (percussion), João Lenhari (trumpet), Jorge Neto (trombone) and Marcelo Valezi (sax). For 7 years they have been shaking up the dancefloors in Brazil, while sharing the stage with very important names of Brazilian music like Jair Rodrigues and Elza Soares, as guests. It is impossible not to dance to Sandália de Prata. The fluency, the rapport, and Ully Costa’s charisma and stage presence ensures the “swingue” and the fun, transforming each of their presentations into true parties. 

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