October 14, 2010

Lucas Santtana & Seleção Natural - "Recado para Pio Lobato"


"Long before his 30th birthday, Lucas Santtana had absorbed more music than most professionals would encounter in their lifetimes, having traveled around the world with the biggest names in Brazilian Tropicalia. The sheer volume of influences, including Afro-Brazilian rhythms, Motown funk, Brazilian metal (à la Sepultura), and European electronica would allow him to conceive of sonic textures later that no one else would even consider. More amazing, though, is that he originally came to prominence as a mere flautist.

The young man from Bahia was first introduced in his early twenties, when he was discovered by Brazilian super-heavyweights Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso. After playing on both Gil's resurgent Acoustic and Veloso's controversial Tropicalia 2 in 1994, he was invited to join them on a tour of Europe. When he returned, he would work alongside Chico Science, another adventurous group of radical Brazilians, and spend time in the studio recording other artists' projects, including Arto Lindsay." ...( Kieran McCarthy, All Music Guide )