January 26, 2011

Lu Horta - "Comigo Mesmo"


Lu Horta at Tom Jazz . Sao Paulo July 2010.

The singer, composer and body percussionist Lu Horta was a part of the creation of the body percussion group Barbatuques. She is also a performer in the group and she is responsible for the vocals. She travels with the group all over Brazil and all around the world performing and teaching vocal and body percussion workshops. She has also released two cds with the group, O Corpo do Som (2002) and O Seguinte e esse (2005), which received the “Premio Tim de Musica” prize in 2006 and released the live DVD Corpo do Som (2007).

Parallel to her work with Barbatuques, in 2003 she released her first solo CD called Lu Horta.  The repertoire includes her own compositions and new pieces by Chico Cesar and Arnaldo Antunes.

Lu Horta - " O Poco"