December 24, 2011

Simoninha | Por Causa de Você Menina / Chove Chuva

Simoninha tributes to Jorge Benjor . 2009.

Wilson Simoninha, son of Wilson Simonal and the brother of Max de Castro, is one of the young revelations of the '90s who are recovering samba and bossa nova classics through soul/pop music, working in mutual collaboration with the Trama recording company. The live recorded show Artistas Reunidos brings a sample of such artists, with the participation of Simoninha, Max de Castro, Jairzinho Oliveira and Luciana Mello (son and daughter of Jair Rodrigues), and Pedro Camargo Mariano (son of Elis Regina and half-brother of associate João Marcello Bôscoli). Having formed the Suite Combo with João Marcello Bôscoli, Simoninha also works with him at the Trama recording company... ( Read more ).

Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

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