June 11, 2012

Bixiga 70 | Grito de Paz

Bixiga 70
Traquitana, Sao Paulo

Central Sao Paulo's neighborhood called Bixiga is a melting pot of culture. Its Italian, African and North-Eastern population make it one of the best areas to eat out and listen to music. One of the place's hidden treasures is the recording studio Traquitana, number 70 at Rua 13 de Maio - a street packed with venues and restaurants. That's the birthplace of Sao Paulo's finest new instrumental combo: Bixiga 70. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds, a meeting of musicians involved in the city's avantgarde pop, jazz, dub and Brazilian scenes, results in the 10-piece set, trying to blur boundaries in space and time. With their genre-spanning mix of afrobeat, Guinean malinké, Brazilian candomblé, samba and cumbia, Bixiga 70 is a welcome addition to any party. Taking Fela Kuti’s Afrika 70 band as a launchpad both in name and spirit, this ten piece band and their fusion of African and South American rhythms cause havoc in any dance.

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