August 15, 2009

Deize Tigrona & Tigarah with Turbo Trio

Baile Funk: Deize Tigrona with Japanese rap singer " Tigarah" . Start at 01:00 . Japanese rap at 3:17 with Tigarah.

... " After contemplating a career as a politician or ambassador, TIGARAH felt she could best speak her mind if she made music her life. So, shortly after majoring in political science at Tokyo's renowned Keio University, she started writing lyrics on her own in her tiny room in Tokyo, inspired by the Baile Funk music from Brazil. In several trips to Sao Paulo and Rio, TIGARAH immersed herself in Brazilian culture and recorded music together with local musicians. It was in Rio where TIGARAH met MR. D, who was on tour in South America at that time. Since 2003, they have been recording tracks together. After self-releasing an EP with 7 original songs, they landed a record deal in 2006. Expect their new material to transcend cultural boundaries. " ( from Tigarah's My Space )