August 4, 2009


Abstract Electronica.

Quite beautiful , visually, ( @1:07 bubbles response to Samba /Cuica sound ) but the music could be disturbing at times. Some melodic classical music as well .

This Brazilian collective group of artists, from Sao Paulo, is described as : " . . . their governing concept is to set up a laboratory stage left, pottering about with glass bowls, tubes, and tanks filled with a variety of oily fluids, which are mixed, squirted, bubbled by blow darts, boiled, shaken and stirred, . . . . filmed all the while from all angles, with real time image ranged around multiple screens. . . . the music is suitable panoramic, minimally spread into slowly shifting blocks of sheer rumble, flecked by cascading crinkles. "

Laborg in action .

For more videos of these squirted oily bubbles
Laborg /My space